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Alliance Seminars Coaching is a veteran-owned, faith-based organization that provides clients with coaching services, motivational speaking, and certified workshops. 


Our mission is to support clients by sharing strategies and skills that strengthen personal and professional relationships.  We also collaborate with individuals and organizations to improve leadership skills, which increase individual quality of life and business culture. 


We have inspired individuals, couples, and organizations throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan area and we look forward to bringing our personal touch to you or your next event by calling (410) 925-8269. 







Over 30 Years of Experience Serving Our Country

  Contact us for event speaking, workshops, or a complimentary 30-minute coaching session that could lead to:


Long-Term Breakthrough:  (8) 60-Minute Sessions

  In this select program, you will undergo a breakthrough, 1-on-1 shift with your personal and highly committed, professional coach who connects with you wherever you are and supports you by talking through alternate resolutions, that center around interrupting previous limitations that are keeping you confined.

Short-Term Breakout:   (4) 60-Minute Sessions 

   In this special 1-on-1 coaching program, you will encounter a breakout in a component of your life, delivering you from emotive issues and controlling convictions that confine you from completing your

genuine ambitions.

Immediate Breakdown:  (2) 60-Minute Sessions

  In this specific coaching program, you will experience a breakdown in one part of your life, releasing you from disturbing baggage and restrictive views that restrain you from realizing your real aspirations.


"A person is never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream."


C.S. Lewis

Let us perform C.P.R. on your life by providing Clarity, Purpose, and Resilience.

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