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Darrell, you are eloquent in delivery and compelling in content.  This was an exceptional keynote address and I'm glad that our paths have crossed and perhaps I have helped in a small way because you have been an inspiration to me through the years.

Larry H. 



Darrell's keynote address at Strayer University's Baltimore Commencement was inspiring, passionate, and engaging.  As a result of his keynote speech, I am inspired to pay it forward and play my role in mentoring future Strayer grads.   

Timi S.


Great speech and an amazing journey.  It's great to see someone from a similar background as myself and others, make the impossible look obtainable.  I can see the value in working hard and showing others that there is always a way to live your best life even when you can't see the possibilities.  Hopefully one day I can be as great of an inspiration as you. 

Michael D.


I would like to thank Darrell Williams for speaking to us at the Veterans 2 Industry Event and sharing his insight on the Transition Mission.  His keynote message reminded transitioning military personnel, military spouses, and veterans that we already have what we need to be successful with our Transition Mission.  Mr. Williams also reminded us that our years in service has prepared us for these moments and for us to not focus on what we are losing but focus on what we will be gaining.

Leia S.  


Mr. Williams presented at the closing for our students Summer Intensive Program. Both parents and students showed up for his speech, entitled "Dare to be Different," and commented, "We walked away motivated and better prepared for life's challenges." The kids today need to know Bible principles, and Mr. Williams used a unique Daniel story and applied it to everyday life. Our students were engaged, asked questions, and started their school year off with prayer. B-RELYT hopes Mr. Williams will make time for our STEM students every year.  Thank you for sharing your story and being extremely authentic.

Kimlin J.




Darrell and Veronica are exceptional coaches and facilitators.  They provide sound and practical teaching.  Above all, they are true and sincere role models.  In other words, they practice what they teach.  That speaks to and is the mark of their integrity, character, and humility.  I am proud to have them on my team and I strongly recommend their services.


Dr. Karen V. Johnson  



  Darrell and Veronica impacted our lives immeasurably. Their commitment to our success was evident through their passionate, insightful, thorough, and personal approach to marriage coaching. Each session was filled with thought provoking discussions that drew us closer together and also provided wisdom and encouragement from their valuable experience. Their flexibility to connect with us in Hawaii virtually over the last year from their home in Maryland made a lasting impact and covered our engagement, wedding, and the first several months of our marriage. We have made lifelong friends and will be eternally grateful.

Joe & Sarah



Darrell and Veronica were very instrumental in the coaching leading up to our marriage. They were flexible, understanding of our family dynamic and was more than willing to adjust if needed. They are very easy to talk to and they allow you to be vulnerable within the coaching session. My wife, who is very stand-offish when it comes to meeting new people, was very welcoming to have Veronica be her mentor outside of our sessions. They were gentle, calm, non-judgmental and very in tune with the word of God. They have a knack for teaching the Bible and how God’s vision for marriage ties into the overall process. It was a pleasure having them walk with us entering this new chapter in our lives. 

Greg & Tymeka




One of the best things that we did prior to getting married was signing up for the 9 month marriage coaching sessions with the Williams. These 2 made us feel comfortable from day one. They allowed us to be ourselves with their "no judgement zone." Our sessions never felt like coaching, they felt like a couples book club and the Mrs. and I were excited every month to meet and share our path with them. We learned so many tools that will help us have a successful marriage. The Williams are definitely a God send and we will be forever grateful for the knowledge and wisdom that they bestowed upon us. 

Dante & Keona


Veronica and Darrell were a pleasure to work with.  They were our Marriage Coaches.  We felt so comfortable speaking with them where we could be open about our relationship of 10 years.  I would recommend anyone who is getting married to seek coaching through Veronica and Darrell first.  They have so much insight and wise guidance to share.  We learned so much from them (there is always room to grow).  We will definitely stay in touch as we embark on the next chapter of our lives.  We will cherish all the advice and coaching given to us.

Antwon and Carla




  The Williams family was excellent!  They not only shared faith-based insight but they gave us real-life, practical tools for us to foster our marriage.  We loved that they made us feel comfortable to be completely open about our relationship.  They are the best at not only listening to what you say, but also discerning what you are not saying.  

Ricky & Kristin



My wife and I had the opportunity to participate in premarital coaching with Darrell and Veronica.  Our favorite topics came from laying the groundwork for marriage which included understanding your partner's background and authentic communication.  The Williams' approach was awesome and we could feel the love, commitment and respect that they shared as husband and wife.    

Ed & Amanda 



Darrell and Veronica challenged us to peel back the layers and learn things about one another that were uncomfortable, but allowed us to see the necessity of getting deeper than just seeing the plant but seeing the root.  Although they are faith based, they also use practical lessons to help connect faith to reality, allowing you to see more than just the “big picture.”   


William & Grace 



Veronica is an anointed servant, along with her husband, as they lead our couples ministry.  We have witnessed such transformation in the couples' lives that participated in the weekly study.  I have so much love, adoration, and respect for this beautiful woman and her example of faith.


Kiapha D. 


Veronica is a consummate professional who works really hard to deliver excellence in every endeavor.  As an instructor or facilitator, she is consistently well prepared and her delivery can be characterized as high quality.  She takes pride in her craft by representing the highest levels of excellence and integrity. 

James D. 



Veronica's heart cry is to see people, especially those in holy matrimony flourish in their marriage.  As a life coach, she is a keen listener who carries a spirit of gentleness.  Your concerns will be taken care of based on her step by step customized approach to coach clients with direction and purpose for their lives.

LaTonya L. 






I had the distinct pleasure of serving with Darrell Williams while assigned to the Defense Information Systems Agency.  I have turned to Darrell for both personal and professional coaching and mentorship.  Darrell can make any person or team better.  Having witnessed first-hand Darrell’s involvement and engagement in countless challenging situations, I speak from experience when I say, he can help solve difficult leadership problems and help organizations soar.   

Keith J.


It has been an honor and privilege to have served with such a steadfast leader as Darrell Williams, while assigned to the Defense Information Systems Agency.   Darrell is one of the finest leadership coaching professionals with whom I have ever served in 32 years of military service.  As a servant leader, Darrell consistently demonstrated exceptional technical competence and unmatched dedication to individual growth.

Theron B.



I hope you realize that your advice and coaching enabled me to gain the Customer Service and Operations Management position and eventually launched my career into the intelligence community.  Please know you have paid it forward with me.  And by extension, you have certainly made a difference exponentially beyond anything you may imagine.  You are an inspiration.  

Dave L.



Thank you for this amazing speech.  Do you remember me from DISA?  I was the head of the security guard force and in one conversation we had, we talked about what was life like after security.  I told you I wasn't sure, that's all I knew, and your response was, "what if that's all you're allowing yourself to know?"  Well, after that I hit the books and various study programs and I am now a Junior Engineer for Bylight IT services. 

I wanted to say thank you! 

Shelby T.



It was such a pleasure to have Mr. Williams serve as our Mentor Moment guest in our NLU branding class.  He shared with the students his experience in the military, the White House, and beyond.  He talked about how personal branding, networking, and using social media helped him grow in his career.  The career stories that he shared were perfect in helping our students see how what they were learning in class can be applied in real life.  He was very engaging with students and welcomed all of their questions.  We definitely would love to invite him back to visit our classes in the future!

Uzoma O.



We want to thank you for your participation and time during our Career Strategy Week.   Your expertise, experience, and energy have been exceptional.  You shared great advice to current students that will help them now and for years to come.  We treasure your contributions and hope that you will continue to participate in future events.

Jenelle T.



Mr. Williams has made it a priority to bring his experience and wisdom to students in Anne Arundel County. As an interviewer for Mock Interviews, Mr. Williams gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience in a safe and respectful environment. His feedback and advice to students prepares them for the real world, and his time and attention with each student demonstrates the genuine nature of his character. He has been an important contributor to multiple high schools, and he participates with grace, flexibility, and professionalism.

Josh W.




Darrell provided excellent advice, insight, and a plethora of relevant information during our coaching session. His experience, expertise, and knowledge was first-rate. Additionally, he aided in connecting me with other current and former Service members who have transitioned and are now working in several industries. Darrell created an opportunity for me to connect and establish professional relationships with key individuals in Corporate America. As a result, I was able to get a referral for employment with a major corporation. I would highly recommend others seek Darrell for coaching, guidance, and mentorship.

Vernell H.


My experience with Mr. Williams exceeded all expectations as my military transition was more of a transformation. His knowledge and coaching transformed my 21 years of military experience to a dialect that was understood and attractive to the civilian workforce. Through this transformation process, I was selected for a position with the Department of Justice, and for this I am grateful. It truly was an amazing experience to see the renovation of my resume and interview skills grow and develop into something that made me a top candidate over the course of a few weeks.

Jeremy S.



I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Darrell. His experience in the military and the civilian workforce make him an ideal person to coach and mentor transitioning military members. In addition, he offers sound guidance and leverages his experiences to connect with those he coaches, helping them see a broader range of opportunities that get overlooked. I would highly recommend anyone that is transitioning to receive coaching sessions from Darrell. His friendly, kind, and genuine demeanor was contagious making conversation easy and natural with him.


Nicholas P.


Mr. Darrell Williams is a great coach, listens and provides wonderful advice that is applicable in real life terms. I was personally overwhelmed by the Military transition phase and felt like I was navigating uncharted waters, but Mr. Williams professionally coached me on what to do and how to position myself at an advantage in my civilian career pursuit. As a result, I was more confident at interviews and got good offers from respectable organizations. I would strongly recommend him to anyone in need of coaching, mentorship, and guidance during their transition phase. 


Rosemary O. 




The workshop was incredible and surpassed my expectations. Mr. Williams' ability to use his real-life experiences and expertise within the subject matter drove home the importance of planning early for transition and setting real and attainable goals for the next phase. Personally, the networking and interview portion was most beneficial to me. Not only did he provide insight on best practices for being prepared, he also highlighted what not to do. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the workshop!

Linnie M.


This is a great workshop and needs to be conducted semi annually for all components.  This is regardless of where people are in their career.  A service member who may have 5 or 10 years left would still benefit from the information that Mr. Williams provided.  This is just another example of taking care of the workforce regardless of their duty or walk of life.  What Mr. Williams is so passionately providing is very much in line with that promise and it was very well delivered.


Jon B.  



The information that you provided was excellent.  We appreciate you for taking the time to share this knowledge with us.  This will be valuable to literally every service member since we all transition at some point.  The second and third order of effects are immeasurable, as we will be able to carry this knowledge with us and pass it on to others in the future.  Thank you.


Brandon C.


I just wanted to thank you for the training yesterday.  I think it was excellent and very professionally presented with a lot of good information that we need in order to make a smooth transition.  I learned more from you in   

2 hours than the last 2 years.

Israel O.





Our team had the opportunity to participate in an engaging professional development session around the Five Languages of Appreciation at Work facilitated by Darrell.  This training helped us better understand how to show meaningful appreciation in the most impactful way.  Darrell and his team went above and beyond throughout the experience, and we hope to work with them all again for a future workshop!

Abby S.

Strayer University Student Success Team



Our team was fortunate to experience the Five Languages of Appreciation Workshop during our Annual Leadership Conference.  The information we received was easy to comprehend, the results of our work languages were spot on, and the hands-on team exercise was exactly what we needed.  Each group was able to provide detailed examples of how they like to be appreciated and the discussion between our leaders allowed us to bond even closer.  Darrell's facilitation style was easy to follow, his questions were engaging, and our leadership team walked away with a better understanding of why appreciation is important.  His workshop was so impactful that the next presenter made several references back to the examples that Darrell provided.  We definitely recommend Darrell and the Appreciation workshop to any team looking to increase cohesiveness, while having fun at the same time.

Christian E.

President, Pennsy Supply Inc.



Our team participated in the workshop to serve two purposes. We wanted to preview the training as a potential option to bring to our agency and we also wanted to use the workshop as a team building opportunity. Darrell Williams was so easy to work with. He is flexible, personal, engaging and provided a relaxed atmosphere for our small team. We were able to learn a little more about each other and discover a new training to add to our list of services. We would highly recommend Darrell to spend a few hours with your team talking about the value of appreciating each other’s “appreciation language.” Job well done!

Shakira C.

Department of Transportation

Federal Highway Administration


Darrell, thank you so much for the Workplace Appreciation workshop.  You helped our team have crucial conversations and we understand each other better.  I (and the team) will be able to show appreciation in ways that are much more meaningful.  I will definitely share with others within our organization how successful our workshop was and highly recommend you.  Again, thanks so much for your contribution to our team meeting and the health of our team!!!   

Robin D.  

United States Postal Service Headquarters


I want to thank Darrell for the outstanding support to the DFAS Supervisors' Forum. He was flexible and available for our planning meetings, to include testing the technology and having a practice session. His stories were impactful, and he delivered valuable information to our supervisors during his program. Although we usually have the audience rate the vendor speaker during these events, some participants submitted positive comments in the open feedback section about Darrell. He provided great knowledge and insight to Coaching and Mentoring. I really liked that the workshop presenter kept coming back and reinforcing a lot of what Darrell said. It made things flow nicely throughout the event. From the moment we first connected, I knew he was the perfect person for this event.

Nicole I.

Defense Finance and Accounting Service


Darrell instructed countless courses to the Operations and Vice Presidential Communications Officers at the White House Communications Agency.  I considered him to be a tremendously valuable factor of what made our team great.  I also personally relied on Darrell for his advice on a diverse range of topics ranging from delivering a schedule that would meet the needs of the command without overtaxing instructors, to ways to deal with toxic teammates.  

Matthew C.


Darrell provided me and my subordinates with relevant and reliable training that enabled us to perform our duties with 100% assurance.  His astute attention to detail and organizational acumen were reflected in each and every student that he mentored.  I have no reservation in my recommendation of Darrell and I can say with complete confidence, that the qualities that I aforementioned are only the tip of the iceberg.

Thomas P.


Darrell's performance as a Vice Presidential Communications and Vice Presidential Command Response Officer at the White House Communications Agency (WHCA) was nothing less than outstanding.  His poise under pressure and unsurpassed tenacity made him an excellent employee supporting a critical, zero-fault mission. Darrell trained hundreds of Vice Presidential Communications Officers (VPCO) and established policies and procedures that governed the operational requirements within the VPCO Program. 

Phillip S.


It is with great pleasure that I endorse Darrell Williams.  He was a powerful force in the creation, development and ongoing training of the White House Communications Agency’s Vice Presidential Communications Officer program.  Darrell Williams trained and mentored numerous senior leaders in support of the WHCA mission and was always available to be called upon to assist with any issues that may arise.

Van S.


Darrell is a consummate professional.  He was integral in spearheading the training program for all Vice-Presidential Communications Officers at the White House Communications Agency.  He is one of the best trainers that I have ever worked with!  He consistently treated everyone with respect and never let anyone fall behind.  His temperament and his ability to always put everyone at ease helped make the learning environment "optimum."

Jon G.



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